EUROWORKS Professional New Placement

Ideas, Target Group and Benefits

EUROWORKS Professional New Placement is designed for managers at board, senior management and executive level.

What awaits you after redundancy and release? How do you deal with the inevitability of this kind of change? Many people feel a sense of emotional and psychological destabilisation. They also experience fears or at least feel uneasy about what path their future career will take and how set out on that path.

A good severance package is always welcome, but ultimately a good follow-up position is more important. That’s the key benefit of the EUROWORKS New Placement Programme.

Professional new placement

  • Takes the emotional aspects of a severance scenario into account and, if necessary, provides professional psychological counselling
  • Includes a substantial career and employment history analysis based on SWOT and identifies potential career opportunities that you may not have considered
  • All of your sector, function, position, manager-to-staff ratio, workplace location, package preferences etc. are taken into account
  • You are supported by experienced consultants who help you to efficiently expand your career horizon and plan your future career
  • There is a high probability that you will find a suitable next career opportunity that will allow you to seamlessly continue your career
  • Generates awareness for you among management-level decision makers such as CEOs, managing directors, proprietors, private equity firms and private investors

„I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.”

Thomas Woodrow Wilson

The EUROWORKS Professional New Placement programme is an innovative professional guidance tool that enhances the modern HR management personnel toolbox. It was developed to provide initial support to executives affected by redundancy. Then, a large-scale placement project ensures that, with high probability, the executive can be proactively placed in a suitable new position.

This programme provides enterprises with a means of demonstrating empathy and sensitivity when dealing with executives who are being made redundant. It has a stabilising effect and creates a credible and sustainable corporate culture whose quality is also reflected in its executive severance policies.

Our many years of experience in the placement of executives provide EUROWORKS with profound know-how and experience in generating management attention for qualified executives among top-level decision makers at German and international enterprises. We apply that know-how to your specific needs so that you can achieve your objective of placement in a suitable follow-up position.

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