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Idea, Target Group and Concept Benefits

What options are available to executives who want to make their next career move or find a suitable follow-up position. They are not likely to find many suitable vacancies in the relevant print and electronic media because executives are generally almost exclusively recruited via the hidden job market

One consequence of this system is that they are dependent on tips and suggestions from their network of contacts or HR consultants who inform them about interesting positions. As a result, whether or not the executive achieves the next career step in an acceptable timeframe is more or less a matter of chance.

So how is it possible to plan and effectively implement this kind of a goal in an acceptable timeframe?

Professional career hunting

  • We draw the attention of C-level decision makers at attractive companies, associations and organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to you
  • With our support, you get access to discreet exploratory talks and interviews with relevant decision makers
  • Your preferences for specific sectors, companies, functions, positions, workplace locations, manager-to-staff ratios and structures, opportunities, prospects, packages etc. are always taken into account
  • You receive expert support from career planning to career implementation
  • With our assistance you can effectively extend your marketing reach

„The winner isn’t always the fastest or the strongest … but the one with the most perseverance.”


The decision makers include board members, managing directors, supervisory board members and, depending on the envisaged position, investors, family offices, venture capital and private equity companies. We position you, your CV and your career goals with them.

You achieve a "mental listing" among these senior decision makers for existing and future executive vacancies. With our support, you can achieve your career objectives in a more targeted and discreet way, and in a more reasonable timeframe than is possible on your own with conventional means.

EUROWORKS has a profound knowledge and longstanding experience in the "executive search industry" , especially with regard to the recruiting structures and decision paths for executive positions. We apply our know-how to your specific needs so that you can achieve your next career objective.

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