Peter H. Scherf

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Peter H. Scherf
Birthplace Koblenz
Industrial Manager / IT
Retail Merchandiser CCIT
Academy of Business and Public Sector Management

Employment History

Peter learned the fundamentals of HR consultancy during his time at university, in various management roles and in a large number of relevant training courses during his time as consultant and coach.

He spent 25 years developing B2B services and solutions, advancing during that time from specialist to manager and ultimately taking on international functions at major IT and telecommunications-sector companies.

Since 2000 he has placed more than 400 specialists and executives in jobs. He is also a certified trainer providing courses on HR marketing and HR diagnostics, and he also regularly gives courses and workshops at renowned educational establishments.

Peter is the proprietor of EUROWORKS e.K - Personal- und Unternehmensberatung and he has been managing the company since it was founded in 2000.

Personal Life

Peter enjoys spending time with his family outside work. He’s married with one daughter. His hobbies are hiking, general mountain sports, sailing and hunting.